Styling tips for men to make the most out of their headshot

Tailored is key

Clothing should always look fitted. Button down shirts and suits require a tailor because the clothing is meant to take the shape of your unique body. If you have gained weight or lost weight it's important try it on and make sure it fits correctly. If you don't know if it fits correctly simply take it to a tailor and have them look at it. Clothing that isn’t fitted gives an impression of unprofessionalism and lack of self-awareness. In the example below, you can see the difference and how much better he looks by having a suit reflects style.

A Suit is always the best option

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. A suit is always the best option for a man to look his best. It is a classic and timeless look. Wearing a suit will definitely make you look and feel more confident. A suit also improves credibility and a more approachable look. Stay away from busy patterns and clashing colors. Make sure the shirt and tie compliment each other and not stand out. For a more polished look with style, feel free to bring a suit vest or a pocket square.

Professional headshot look with Necktie

Neckties are classic and considered the most professional in business headshots. They will never go away from the professional services industry because of the importance of their position. Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, and insurance to name a few should have at least one headshot with a tie on. There are several different options of knots for your necktie. You should keep it simple and clean. Half or full Windsor is a classic staple in the industry. Stay away from the fancy trinity knot unless you are in a creative field that promotes expression. These include but are not limited to Interior designers, stylist, artists, fashion and beauty industry.

Jacket without a necktie for your men’s headshot

There is a trend to keep it casual online for company headshots as well as headshots for LinkedIn and other social media sites. Jacket’s without neckties are great because you will still come off as professional still. I recommend wearing shirts that have high collars. This will keep it “popped” and the collar won't fall flat under the jacket. Make sure to remove your undershirt for the headshot session. The white undershirt looks unprofessional. T-shirt under a Blazer is a great outfit if you want to come off as more casual. You should keep the shirt color and have it contrast in color with the blazer. If the shirt and blazer match, it won't look good for a headshot.

Keep it relaxed with just a work shirt

This is the most casual of all the outfits. This is great if you want to look like you are “part of the team”. In tech, this is a popular look and I have photographed entire companies including the CEO in this look.

Additional tips

  • Press your shirt so they look sharp and wrinkle-free

  • Shirts that are faded and worn will make you look faded and worn.

  • Bring Collar Stays

  • Try on clothing before the headshot photo shoot. Make sure you have them fitted by a tailor.

  • For wider portraits pants should match the jacket.

  • Eyeglasses should be cleaned and in good order

  • Haircuts should be 5 days from headshot session.

  • Shave that day if that’s your look.

  • Beards should be trimmed and looking sharp.

  • Trim Nose hairs (The most common mistake men make)